Senator Harms introduces all vote by mail elections options

Jan 30, 2012

A bill in the Nebraska legislature would allow residents in counties with fewer than 10,000 residents the opportunity to participate in vote by mail elections.

It would require the approval of eligible voters in the counties. The bill’s sponsor, Nebraska Senator John Harms, says the measure would streamline the voting process, save counties money and give more people the opportunity to vote.  He says the voting by mail turnout for special elections in the state has always been positive.

"The reason I am doing this is there is such a need for this in rural Nebraska.  We have a declining population base.  We have more elderly that are being left in rural Nebraska and for just the mere opportunity for convenience for people to be able to go through the mail.”

A hearing on the bill is pending in the legislature.  Oregon and Washington currently conduct all vote by mail elections.