Senator Johanns Focuses on the Farm Bill

May 29, 2013

Much of the US Senate’s attention was focused on the farm bill last week.

US Senator Mike Johanns says the bill targets prices for commodities and saves fewer tax dollars than many are claiming. 

He says though it is not his first choice for agricultural policy, he does acknowledge there are many unattractive alternatives to it.   

Johanns says he doesn’t want government to get into the mode of doing annual extensions because that takes away any predictability in the agricultural year. 

He says there are ways the bill may be improved.

"I am supporting amendments to the current draft that would make farm policy more market-oriented, find some more savings.  I would also say I am introducing several amendments, including one that would eliminate what are guaranteed government payouts to only rice and peanut producers.”

Senator Johanns’ comments came during his weekly conference call with Nebraska media.