Senator Johanns says Farm Bill needs work

May 21, 2013

Senator Mike Johanns

US Senator Mike Johanns talked about the current draft of the farm bill during his weekly conference call with Nebraska media.

Johanns says the current version of the bill represents a step backward for agricultural policy. 

He says instead of moving forward with a free market system, the farm bill doubles down on target prices. 

Additionally, Johanns takes issue with what he calls the “budget gimmicks” in the bill. 

He says some of the savings quoted in the bill are counted twice while other costs associated with the bill have been left out altogether.

"The bill also fails to take advantage of additional savings that would be available by modernizing farm payments or focusing on nutrition programs so there are just a lot of problems in the bill.  I could not support it in the form it came out of committee.  The bill will go to the floor next week.  I am hoping Senator Reid will allow an open amendment process.”

Johanns says he is looking forward to working on the bill and getting the savings in order.