Senator Johanns Talks Budget

Apr 15, 2013

Senator Mike Johanns

Senator Mike Johanns said President Obama’s budget proposal does nothing to address the nation’s current economic challenges. 

During his weekly conference call with Nebraska media, Johanns said the plan does nothing to put the brakes on the nation’s runaway spending. 

Johanns said in the midst of meager job growth and the lowest confidence level among unemployed Americans since the Carter administration, the president is asking for another $1.1 trillion dollars in new taxes. 

"So the bottom line is that the budget never does balance.  It places a heavier burden on job creators, which will only weigh down an already very sluggish economy.  I believe Americans deserve better than an overdue, underwhelming plan that falls far short of addressing the real needs of our nation.”

President Obama’s budget proposal came out last week, more than two months after the statutory deadline provided to congress. 

Senator Johanns said the president’s plan would only reduce the deficit by $119 billion over the next decade. 

He said that’s “insignificant” when you consider this year’s deficit alone is slated to be $973 billion.