Senator Mike Johanns Co-Sponsors a Bill to Assist Vets

Jun 9, 2014

US Senator Mike Johanns is co-sponsoring legislation to address problems with long wait times for veterans at VA facilities across the country.

Johanns said a recent interim report from the VA’s Inspector General revealed a 115-day wait time to see a primary care physician at a Phoenix VA facility. 

He said that’s more than four times the previously, publicly reported average of 24 days. 

And Johanns said the problem is not limited to Phoenix. 

He said at least 42 VA facilities are now under investigation.

"I’ve co-sponsored legislation to help our veterans avoid long waits.  The Veterans Choice Act allows veterans who are facing a 14-day wait for VA appointments or who live more than 40 miles from a VA facility, they would be allowed to seek care from a non-VA provider of their choice.  The bill also improves transparency and accountability at the VA.”

Johanns’ bill was agreed to by senior Senators last Thursday and authorizes the VA to lease new walk-in clinics and hire more doctors and nurses. 

Senator Johanns comments came during his weekly conference call with Nebraska media.