Senator Mike Johanns in favor of new farm bill

Feb 3, 2014

Despite the fact it’s not the exact bill he would’ve drafted, Senator Mike Johanns says the new farm bill looks better than what the Senate has seen so far.

Johanns says the bill takes steps toward reducing government spending. 

He says the farm bill is a product of hard-fought compromise and passed the house by a comfortable margin last week. 

Johanns says the 5-year bill has merit has brings farmers and ranchers one step closer to much needed updates to farm policy.

"The bill does provide much needed risk management tools for farmers and ranchers.  The bill does end direct payments that producers tell me they can live without and I have no disagreement with that.  It strengthens crop insurance programs which has been a very successful model in our state.”

The Senate is scheduled to vote on the farm bill tomorrow and Johanns says he is leaning toward supporting it.  Johanns comments came during his weekly conference call with Nebraska media.