Senator Nordquist launches petition calling for health care for all

Dec 16, 2013 is an online petition Senator Jeremy Nordquist launched on December 3rd to allow citizens to voice their support for expanded health coverage in Nebraska.

Senator Nordquist says the petition is also meant to send a message to elected officials who are blocking the effort that they shouldn’t get health insurance until all Nebraskans do.  He says last year a Health Care Fairness bill was introduced in the legislature but it is still pending before the Legislature’s Executive Committee.  Nordquist says he plans to introduce a new bill in the next legislative session…

"So we are going to come back this year with a new bill.  We are looking at a private-public component (like Iowa has done) so some of these individuals that aren’t getting coverage could get private insurance.  We are going to move this new bill out of committee hopefully early in session and have a vote on it.  I think it’s important that every legislator be put on the record on this important issue with the health of 50,000 Nebraskans hanging in the balance."

At the same time he launched the petition, Nordquist says he called on Governor Heineman to forfeit his taxpayer-funded health insurance until all Nebraskans are able to obtain health care coverage through healthcare expansion. 

For more information on the petition, the website is