Severe weather is coming and so are power outages

Jun 12, 2017

As we head deeper into warmer weather, the possibility for severe weather including thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes is on the rise.

And these things can lead to widespread power outages.  Jodi Baker, Media Specialist for OPPD, says the utility wants customers to have tools handy to help them navigate information on outages, including the time power is expected to come back on, as well offer them storm safety tips.   

OPPD has a website called that does all this and more.

"So it will tell you what to do if you encounter downed wires, how to calm your children and pets during thunderstorms, all kinds of great stories there.  But then during an outage event, we have real time updates, letting folks know where our crews are, what they’re doing and hopefully when the power will be back on.”

Baker says ahead of time, people can get a storm kit together so they’re ready to go during an outage.  The kit should include extra batteries, flashlights, food, and a battery operated radio.  She also advises charging your electronic devices ahead of time so you can access information when you need it.

She says customers can report outages through the website or at