The Shelterbelt Theatre announces its 25th Season

Jul 27, 2017

The Shelterbelt Theatre’s 25th season features a mix of new scripts and old favorites.

Roxanne Wach, Executive Director of the Shelterbelt Theatre, says the upcoming season takes a look at where the theatre has been and looks ahead to where it’s going. 

She says new plays include Across Rhodes by Amy Elizabeth Schweid and The Dairy Maid-Right by Shelterbelt board member Ellen Struve. 

Wach says Don Nguyen’s Three to Beam Up was first offered in 1999.  She says audiences will enjoy the play next spring after Nguyen does a complete rewrite on it.  

The season kicks off in October with one of the theatre’s most popular traditions.

"We resurrected Shelterskelter in honor of our 25th anniversary.  A lot of the playwrights that we worked with over the years, got their start doing Shelterskelter scripts.  So we are using a lot of scripts from past incarnations.  There are a lot of scripts that have been submitted over the years.  There were a lot of scripts to read so we just read them all.  We just re-read everything.”

Wach says the Shelterbelt Theatre is the only place in Omaha dedicated to offering all new productions. 

Season ticket information is available at  Once you’re there, just click on box office.