SHREK! The Musical comes to the Orpheum

Oct 25, 2012

SHREK! The Musical is onstage at the Orpheum Theatre through Sunday.

Whitney Winfield plays Princess Fiona in the production.  She joined the show about 3 ½ weeks ago and says she’s excited to be touring with a production for the first time.  Winfield says the show follows the first SHREK film closely but has additional songs. 

She says she enjoys playing Fiona because the two have a lot in common. “She does have the princess qualities but she’s very quirky and zany.  And she has been in a tower for a very long time which causes her to lose it a little bit.  I’m a quirky person myself so it’s fun to do something that’s so closely related.”

Tickets for SHREK are available online at or by calling 402-345-0202.