Snow removal 'challenging,' but helped by additional resources

Feb 7, 2012


Omaha city officials say the combination of a weekend storm and extra contractors prevented the need to declare a snow emergency.

 Mayor Jim Suttle and Public Works officials updated the city’s snow removal efforts during a news conference Tuesday. Saturday’s storm left more than nine inches of snow in Omaha.

Public Works Director Bob Stubbe says the heavy, wet snow was challenging for crews to clear.  He says that type of snow can damage equipment. But Stubbe says crews were helped by temperatures that stayed at or above freezing, and by additional resources. 18 private contractors helped Public Works crews clear streets and put down de-icing material. The city uses private contractors primarily for plowing and clearing snow in residential areas.

Stubbe says only a few trouble spots remain following last weekend’s storm. The city doesn’t yet have an estimate of how much the snow event cost in terms of resources.

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