"From Society Page to Front Page: Nebraska Women in Journalism"

May 28, 2013

Creighton Professor Dr. Eileen Wirth was one of the first female baby boomers to break into city news at the Omaha World Herald in the early 70’s.

She says she and her female colleagues at the time broke a lot of ground and were some of the early women in broadcasting. 

During the three years she worked on her new book, “From Society Page to Front Page: Nebraska Women in Journalism,” she found out that women in Nebraska have been an important part of journalism since the 1870’s.

"The editor of one of the nation’s most important suffragette newspapers, who worked in Beatrice, Nebraska.  The longest serving Vietnam War correspondents grew up near Hebron.  We have also had White House correspondents like Bess Furman Armstrong and Mary Ann Means.” 

Wirth's book is about the first 100 years of Nebraska’s women journalists.