Sokol on MECA situation: "it is what it is"

Omaha, NE – The Chairman of the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority says MECA's not interested in political in-fighting. David Sokol's comments came Thursday following MECA's meeting.

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey and City Attorney Paul Kratz sent Sokol a letter last Friday, telling him he was no longer eligible to serve on the MECA board. Kratz says Sokol became ineligible when he canceled his voter registration in February at a previous Omaha address. Sokol re-registered in May with his new Omaha home address, but according to the city, the seat was still vacated.

The Omaha City Council re-appointed Sokol to the MECA board Tuesday after the city learned Sokol's removal could mean the loss of private money for a new downtown ballpark. MECA board members re-elected Sokol chairman.

Sokol says he's ready to put the incident behind him and move on, saying "it is what it is." He hopes it won't affect MECA's relationship with the city. Sokol says MECA still intends to cooperate with city officials.

Sokol says he hasn't talked to Mayor Fahey since the incident happened. The Mayor's office has issued one statement regarding Sokol's removal.