Solid Majority of Nebraskans Support Minimum Wage Increase

Mar 26, 2014

Voices for Children did a poll in February asking Nebraskans whether or not they would support a minimum wage increase.

Aubrey Mancuso is the Policy Coordinator for Economic Stability and Health for Voices for Children. 

She says the poll found that 55% of Nebraskans support an increase, 33% did not and the remaining individuals were undecided.

"This speaks to a different report that we put out earlier in February, called “The Family Bottom Line,” and it looks at what Nebraska families need to make ends meet without assistance. It’s based on county of residence as well as family size.  And in every case, a Nebraska family just can’t meet basic needs on $7.25 an hour.”

Mancuso says $9.00 an hour would get the state closer to where they need to be so that a family that is working hard and working full time can meet all their basic expenses.