The Song Remains the Same: The Music of Led Zeppelin

Omaha, NE – The final concert of the Omaha Symphony's current season is The Song Remains the Same: The Music of Led Zeppelin.

Peter Brennan arranged the performance, which happens Friday at 8:00 in the Holland Center. He says the concert features fan favorites including Kashmir and Black Dog. Brennan says this is not a Muzak treatment. He says audiences will get a proper band with a proper vocalist as well as the symphony musicians.

Brennan says, "When you think of Led Zeppelin, you think of incredibly interesting guitar licks, very hummable hooks that they were brilliant at working into great classic songs. All of that will be there, only instead of a guitarist doing the whole thing; they will have an orchestra there. They will have banks of strings contributing to the solo in Stairway to Heaven."

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