State of the City focuses on infrastructure, economy, public safety

Omaha, NE – Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey says the city has improved public safety and had seven balanced budgets during his tenure.

Fahey gave his final State of the City address Tuesday. In the address, Fahey talked about improvements to roads, parks, and neighborhoods; the city's crime rate since 2001; and what he hopes to accomplish during his final months in office.

Mayor Fahey says the city has added 140 public safety officials during his two terms in office. He did not mention the six million dollars in cuts to the city's Fiscal Year 2009 budget, which will delay two Police and Fire recruit classes. Fahey also expressed concerns about pension spiking and urged everyone involved to find a solution.

Fahey says Omaha also faces economic challenges, including how to pay for a one billion dollar sewer separation project. But the Mayor says he remains optimistic about the city's economic outlook.

Omaha's Mayoral election is May 12.