State of the City: Suttle says Omaha is financially stable

Omaha, NE – Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle says the city is financially stable and positioned for growth, but that could be jeopardized if he's recalled.

Suttle gave what could be his final State of the City address Friday morning. He faces a recall election next Tuesday. During his speech, Suttle highlighted his efforts to make Omaha financially stable, including raising taxes and negotiating new union contracts. He says that financial stability is in jeopardy if leadership changes.

Mayor Suttle says raising taxes was inevitable due to inaction by other Mayors to make the city financially secure. Suttle says the tax increases were important to Omaha keeping its AAA bond rating. That rating means lower interest rates when the city borrows money for projects.

Suttle was elected Mayor of Omaha in 2009. If he's recalled Tuesday, he'll be only the second Mayor in Omaha's history to be removed from office since the recall laws were added to the city charter.