State Department Official Speaks to Students Tomorrow

Jun 11, 2012

Omaha native Meghan Mercier will speak at UNO tomorrow.  Mercier will share her experiences working as a Foreign Service Officer with the US State Department. 

UNO’s Political Science Department hosts the presentation.  Dr. Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, UNO professor of political science, says Mercier’s visit is part of the Hometown Diplomats Program. 

Through the program, the Department of State brings people now serving in the department back to their hometown to talk with community members who might be interested in those types of careers.  Dr. Benjamin-Alvarado says Mercier has spent time preparing herself for her position.

"She has been working in Latin America and on Latin American trade issues.  And I think that’s very interesting for me because I am a Latin American specialist myself and so to have an opportunity to have somebody who actually works in the field, come and relate their experiences to us, this is going to be phenomenal for our students to hear.”

Meghan Mercier will speak at Noon tomorrow in the Gallery Room at UNO’s Student Center.  Information is available at 402-554-4859.