State Sen. Brad Ashford plans run for Mayor of Omaha

Jun 7, 2012

A State Senator from Omaha wants to be the city’s next Mayor.

Senator Brad Ashford says he’ll make an official announcement after Labor Day. Ashford was first elected to the Nebraska Legislature in 1986 and re-elected in 1990. He ran for Legislature again in 2006 and has represented District 20 since then.

Ashford says he wants to bring local lawmakers together to deal with tough issues. "Certainly the pension issue is important, I would like to see much more integration of governmental systems in Omaha, I don’t think we need two full governments, county-city government, that’s an issue I’ve worked on in the Legislature in all the years I’ve been there."

Ashford believes city and county government haven’t adapted to the needs of Omahans. He also wants Omaha to consider a new type of pension system for public employees.

Omaha’s Mayoral election is May 14, 2013. Mayor Jim Suttle hasn’t yet announced if he’ll seek re-election.