State Senator ticketed on suspicion of DUI

Feb 27, 2013

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — State Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh has been ticketed on suspicion of drunken driving in his northwest Omaha district.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Marty Bilek with the Douglas County Sheriff's Department says Lautenbaugh was stopped in his northwest Omaha district around 2 a.m. Wednesday after he was seen driving erratically. Bilek says Lautenbaugh was taken to the sheriff's office and given a breath test indicating his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal driving limit of .08.

Bilek says Lautenbaugh was not arrested, but was not allowed to drive home.

Lautenbaugh issued a written statement to news media saying he's embarrassed and that he takes full responsibility. He also says he will immediately seek "an alcohol evaluation and follow whatever is recommended."

Lautenbaugh has served in the Legislature since 2007.

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