Staying Healthy During Summer Vacation

Jun 29, 2017

Summer means vacation for a lot of people in the United States.  Some people opt to road trip across the country while others will fly to international destinations.

Either way, United Healthcare in Nebraska has some suggestions to keep you healthy as you travel.  

Matt Milam, Executive Director for United Healthcare in Nebraska, says before you take any trips, you should be sure you know what your health plan covers. 

Milam says you can also check and see if your health plan has a mobile app. 

If so, he advises downloading it to your phone so you can connect with a registered nurse any time of the day and identify nearby care providers and hospitals. 

"For people traveling, especially in remote locations, they may want to take a look at additional coverage that can be provided both for medical services and for evacuations.  It’s important to make sure that you have an appropriate amount of coverage because a lot of domestic policies don’t cover services internationally.”

Milam says even with international coverage, you may want to consider carrying an extra credit card with you to use for unanticipated medical expenses.

About 20% of people suffer some type of injury or illness while on vacation including car accidents and food poisoning.

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