The Strategic Air & Space Museum Named a NASA Space Place Community Partner

Dec 27, 2013

The Strategic Air & Space Museum is now a “NASA Space Place Community Partner.”

Angela Roeber, Director of Marketing and PR for the museum, says NASA’s Space Place Program includes a kid-friendly website with lots of science games and activities, as well as resources for educators and parents. 

Roeber says the website reinforces learning in five areas: space, sun, Earth, solar system and people and technology. 

She says the museum will take the NASA Space Place Program and expand on it during their 60 Days of Science.

"We’re going to be offering new activities each day, as well as programming and specific demonstrations on the weekends. And we are going to be using the resources and tools that we’ve received through Space Place as an added feature for and benefit of our 60 Days of Science programming.  It’s things we’ve been doing already but we are just making it more top-notch, if you will.”

Roeber says the Strategic Air & Space Museum’s 60 Days of Science takes place next March and April. 

The Space Place started in 1998 as an education and public outreach project of NASA’s New Millennium Program.