Students learning financial responsibility, budgeting in high school program

Feb 5, 2013

60 students at Omaha’s Bryan High School are taking part in a program that teaches financial literacy, budgeting, and saving for college.

It’s called the Mutual of Omaha Financial Scholars Program. Mutual and education technology company EverFi are providing the online-based program for Sophomores and Juniors.

Bryan High School principal Robert Aranda says the financial literacy skills are critical as students think about their future after graduation. “This is giving them another opportunity, and another reason to go to college if they plan accordingly. And that is so crucial, because we have to start now with our kids.”

During the semester, the students will also learn about credit cards, student loans, and retirement accounts.  State Treasurer Don Stenberg says the goal is to learn financial responsibility. “You need to keep your monthly expenses less than your monthly income. Now, nothing could be simpler than to say that, and nothing could be more common sense than that, but the fact that we’ve got people in financial trouble all over this country shows that they’re not putting that principle in to practice.”

At the end of the program, students will be certified in financial literacy. Bryan High School officials hope to have 400 students enrolled in the program next school year.