Summit focuses on how to respond to, stop bullying

May 8, 2014

Students and educators from 32 schools gathered in Omaha Thursday morning to learn how to stand up against bullying.

Omaha Performing Arts and the Anti-Defamation League sponsored the anti-bullying summit. The more than 200 students in attendance discussed the components of respect, being part of a group, and how to respond to bullying.

Alan Potash, Regional Director for the Anti-Defamation League, says part of the summit's goal is to provide guidance on how to be an ally and stand up against bullying.  

"So our activities today are to really give students an opportunity to look at themselves and address their own biases, but also be able to find ways to help others when they see bullying and prejudice taking place in society."

Students learned six tips to respond to bullying. Those include not forwarding or sending hurtful messages, getting to know people instead of judging, and supporting those who are bullied. The goal is to give eighth through 11th-grade students tools they can take back to their classrooms next school year.