Task Force to study solutions to substandard housing, problem landlords

Mar 21, 2012


The city of Omaha is forming a task force to study solutions to problem landlords and poor rental housing.

Kevin Denker, Chief Housing Inspector for the city of Omaha, says his department has 4,000 active complaints they’re investigating. Some of those are multiple dwellings in one building. Denker says the Housing Division gets about 120 complaints a month. That number rises to 180 in the summer.

City Prosecutor Marty Conboy says problem landlords pose more than a quality-of-life issue. “Every crack house, every meth lab, every gang house in Omaha is owned by somebody, and in most cases that is a commercial business, a landlord who owns that house, and our ordinances provide responsibility for those people.”

The task force is made up of city officials, law enforcement, and neighborhood association representatives. They’re expected to present recommendations in 90 days.