Tax increase possible in Douglas County's new fiscal year budget

May 15, 2012

The Douglas County Board is starting the process of putting together a 2012-2013 budget.

Douglas County’s new fiscal year begins July 1. Chairman Marc Kraft says everything is on the table, including a tax increase, because the county has limited sources of revenue. “The major challenge is that we have limited ability to create income sources. Most of our income comes from either grants or from property taxes, and a small amount comes from fees we charge.”

The current fiscal year budget of $311 million contains no tax increase. Kraft says the county board has worked to make services more efficient and cost-effective.

Douglas County lost $5 million this fiscal year due to a law ending state aid to cities, counties, and natural resources districts.

County Commissioners will continue discussion on the budget at next week’s meeting. Kraft says they’ll vote on the new spending plan in mid-June.