Tax Modernization Committee to study Nebraska's system

May 31, 2013

Nebraska lawmakers have approved a special committee to study the state’s tax system and make recommendations.

LR 155 establishes the Tax Modernization Committee. Between now and mid-December, the Committee will study the fairness, competitiveness, simplicity, and stability of Nebraska’s tax system. State Senator Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha says that’ll include a study of Nebraska’s property taxes.

"When you talk to Nebraskans, that is the tax that they are the most concerned with reducing, both in urban Nebraska and in rural Nebraska. One of the ways we get to that is by supporting our local governments more, whether that’s K-12 education through school districts, or cities, or counties, helping them with their property tax burden."

Nordquist says the Committee will hold a series of hearings over the next few months to get public input. The Tax Modernization Committee includes the chairmen of the Appropriations, Education, Agriculture, Planning, and Health and Human Services Committees, as well as the Revenue Committee.

The Tax Modernization Committee has a December 15 deadline to submit a report on Nebraska’s tax system and any recommendations.