A team of researchers at UNL is working in Omaha to improve wireless networks for emergency use

Omaha, NE – A team of researchers from UNL are working to improve wireless networks for emergency use.

Dr. Yi Qian, Assistant Professor in UNL's Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering, is leading the team of researchers. Dr. Qian says the goal is to build next generation multihop wireless networks that can be activated in spite of infrastructure collapse.

He says his team is working with a new technology called cognitive radio, which uses leftover spectrums of other types of networks or communication equipment. Dr. Qian says part of the problem is the limited wireless space available.

"Everybody has a cell phone or a smart phone and they are using these wireless devices anyplace, anytime, right now. So that means, the wireless data traffic is getting tremendously increased from time to time."

Dr. Qian says the project, funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, began on August 1st and will last for three years. Implementation may start with temporary networks for public safety, disaster rescues and environmental monitoring.