Teen behavior survey results released

Oct 25, 2013

Douglas County health officials say more needs to be done to address the mental health needs of teenagers.

Results of a Youth Risk Behavior Survey were discussed Monday at the Omaha Public Schools board meeting. 1,087 Douglas County 9th through 12th graders participated in the survey. Among its findings are that 12.4 percent of Douglas County teens attempted suicide last year. That’s twice the Nebraska and the national average.

Health Department director Dr. Adi Pour says they’re taking steps to address teens’ mental health needs.

"Douglas County has a youth health advisory board made up of high school students, and they have said once they saw the results that they actually want to develop a strategic plan amongst youth how to address some of these issues."

Pour says the Health Department is also expanding personal responsibility education programs for at-risk youth.

The survey results are not broken down by school district. The Youth Risk Behavior Survey Douglas County teens participated in is the same one that’s administered nationally by the CDC.