Teens Learn Life Skills at Omaha Public Library

Jul 14, 2012

The Omaha Public Library is offering two workshops to help teens build confidence and learn life skills.

The library is offering the two sessions in collaboration with LifeBound.  Gary Wasdin, Executive Director for the Omaha Public Library, says this is the first time the library is offering programs like this.  He says "Success in Middle School” addresses the transition that 6th and 7th graders undergo. 

He says kids will learn what to expect in middle school as well as build confidence through interactive activities.  Wasdin says the other workshop is called “Dollars and Sense” and is aimed at teens as well as middle schoolers.

"How you earn money, how you save money, how bank accounts work, and the very basic sort of building blocks for personal finances.  This is meant to get young people thinking about money, about why things cost the amount they do and how they can plan and use whatever finances they have.”

Wasdin says the workshops offer a great opportunity for students to take their learning beyond the passive experience of just reading.  The workshops offer practical skills that kids can use in everyday life.  “Dollars and Sense” begins Monday and runs through the end of next week.  “Success in Middle School” runs July 23rd through the 27th. 

To register, the website is