Temporary housing option made available to Iowans in five counties

Feb 21, 2012

Western Iowa residents forced out of their homes by Missouri River flooding may have another option for temporary housing.

Iowa Finance Authority spokeswoman Ashley Jared says flood victims can apply for a waiver to live in housing usually restricted by the federal government to low-income families.

Jared says the waiver applies to flood victims in Monona, Harrison, Pottawattamie, Mills, and Fremont counties. People who lived in those counties between May 25th and August first of 2011 can apply for the housing waiver.

Flood victims don’t have to be registered with FEMA to apply for the housing waiver. A list of eligible properties is available at

The Iowa Finance Authority says more than 1,200 Iowans have filed for assistance from FEMA following last year’s flooding.