As Thanksgiving approaches, an Omaha homeless shelter needs donations

Omaha, NE – As Omaha's Siena/Francis House prepares for Thanksgiving, the homeless shelter is in need of food and toiletries.

Siena/Francis House is preparing a Thanksgiving meal for 340 men, women and children. That's the shelter's capacity. But Siena/Francis Development Director Tim Sully says about 440 people are staying at the shelter every night. Sully says some are sleeping on mattresses or in chairs. The crowding has put a strain on the shelter's resources and staff. Sully says staff are trained to make sure everyone gets along when tensions run high at the shelter.

The Siena/Francis House needs donations of food and toiletries in order to meet the needs of the 440 people staying there. The shelter relies largely on donations.

Sully says the 340 expected to receive a Thanksgiving meal at the shelter are 40 more people than last year.