Three exhibits coming to Omaha celebrate the history of the Negro Leagues

Feb 8, 2012

Three exhibits coming to Omaha in May tell the story of the Negro Leagues.

“Discover Greatness” opens May 20th at Conestoga Magnet School in north Omaha. Discover Greatness uses a series of photographs to discuss the history and significant of the Negro Leagues. The exhibit is being presented in partnership with Omaha’s Great Plains Black History Museum, and the Kansas City-based Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, says the exhibits aren’t just about the Negro Leagues history, but also its role in civil rights. He says the Negro Leagues were the third largest black-owned business during the segregation era. Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson, who played for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro League, was MLB’s first black player. He joined the then-Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947.

Another exhibit features the life and baseball career of the late Buck O’Neil. O’Neil was a star player for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro League, along with baseball greats Jackie Robinson and Satchel Paige. O’Neil was later the Monarchs’ manager. In 1962, O’Neil became the first black coach in Major League Baseball.

The exhibits will be on display at Conestoga through June 26th.

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