Three recipients recognized with Omaha Community Excellence Awards

Jun 5, 2012

The City of Omaha recently honored the Empowerment Network, the Deer Park Neighborhood Association and neighborhood advocate Jeannie Dickes with Community Excellence Awards.

Mayor Suttle says the awards recognize the hard work these recipients have done in helping to improve the quality of life in Omaha’s older neighborhoods.  He says over the past several years, the number of neighborhood associations and the projects they are taking on has grown substantially. 

Mayor Suttle hopes the awards help encourage people to work together in their respective neighborhoods.

“They are primarily to recognize the importance of neighborhoods.  We are pushing this and quite frankly, our goal is to get a neighborhood association organized in every neighborhood in the Metropolitan area, both sides of the river and all three counties.”

The Omaha Community Excellence Awards were presented in conjunction with the National Community Development Week celebration.