Top Stories: Iran, Penn State, Greece

Nov 7, 2011
Originally published on November 7, 2011 7:40 am

Good morning.

Our early headlines were:

-- Penn State Abuse Allegations: Paterno 'Deeply Saddened'.

-- Report: Iran On 'Threshold Of Nuclear Capability'.

Other top stories of the day so far:

-- "Greek Leaders To Pick Prime Minister Of New Government." (The Associated Press)

-- Wealth Gap Between Old And Young Grows Far Wider. (Pew Research Center)

-- "Thai Floods Death Toll Reaches 506." (Voice of America)

-- "In Disputed Vote, Nicaragua's Ortega Heads Toward Big Win." (McClatchy Newspapers)

-- "Oklahoma's Seismic Activity May Not Be Over, Experts Say." (The Oklahoman)

-- "Andy Rooney: Remembering A Revered Colleague." (CBS News' 60 Minutes)

-- Boxing Great Joe Frazier, "Ravaged By Liver Cancer," Is Fighting For His Life. (Philadelphia Daily News)

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