Top Stories: Occupy Wall Street Day Of Action; Penn State Scandal

Nov 17, 2011
Originally published on November 17, 2011 7:40 am

Good morning.

Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York have begun what they say will be a day full of marches, civil disobedience and other actions aimed at — this is their goal — shutting down Wall Street.

Eyder is there to follow the story as it develops. His posts from the streets are being collected here.

Our other early-morning headlines:

-- Penn State Scandal: More Possible Victims Step Forward.

-- EPA Takes Action Against Toxic Arizona Copper Plant.

Other top stories of the morning include:

-- "Arab League Offers Reprieve For Syria" As Death Toll Rises. (The New York Times)

-- "Chu To Present Strong Defense Of Solyndra Loan Guarantee." (The Washington Post)

-- White House Gun Suspect Reportedly "Obsessed With Obama." (CBS News)

-- "Jesmyn Ward's Salvage Wins National Book Award." (The Associated Press)

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