Trauma First Response Classes at MCC

Jun 13, 2012

What can people do to render aid before the ambulance arrives?  Metro Community College’s new Trauma First Response class provides the training to help answer that question.  

MCC’s Fremont campus is offering numerous eight-hour courses in Trauma First Response this summer.  Craig Jacobus, EMS Program Coordinator for the Fremont campus, says the classes are geared toward the non-traditional first responder. 

He says the courses take complex information and put it at a level that is immediately applicable.  Jacobus says this is not a sit down class.

"It’s a little less than half practical or lab time, which means that while folks will get a good background on what to do if there are airway problems, what to do with someone who is bleeding, or who looks like they are in shock or who may be suffering from a head or a spine injury, what we do is we then get them into these things called interactive skill stations.  And these are about a half hour each and small groups rotate through these stations.  And they learn how to apply a lot of the interventions and skills they will learn throughout the day.”

Jacobus says at end of the day, all the information is put together in a couple of scenarios people can use in real life.  The first Trauma First Response class takes place next Friday, June 22nd. 

For registration or information, the number is 402-317-3001.