Two democrats compete for the Second Congressional District Nomination

May 10, 2012

State Senator Gwen Howard and Douglas County Treasurer John Ewing are vying for the democratic nomination in the Second Congressional District race. 

Howard says her focus over the past seven years has been to get things done for the average person, for the working family, the homeowner, for children and for the most vulnerable in our society.  She says she has talked to a lot of people throughout her campaign and heard three main concerns repeated over and over.  They are social security, college debt, and a lack of nonpartisanship in Washington.  Howard says these are the issues she has been most focused on leading up to the primary.

"Seniors are scared about the risk of losing their social security and Medicare coverage.  I would not vote to privatize social security or Medicare.  I’ve talked to a lot of college students and so many of them are burdened with what I would call a crippling debt that’s going to affect them for their entire lives.”

Howard says she is one of only 15 democrats in a body of 49 and has passed more legislation in seven years than Terry has in seven terms. 

John Ewing says he has talked to residents throughout the 2nd congressional district to find out what issues they’re most concerned about.  He says his campaign is focused on those issues, including  jobs, education and Medicare.

"They want to see us working to create an environment so that we have jobs for those who are unemployed and those who are underemployed.  So I am focusing on jobs and creating that environment by creating the right economic climate for that to be able to happen.  And also looking at comprehensive tax reform to encourage job creation here in America.”

Ewing says social security and Medicare need to be protected.  He says the money congress has taken from Social Security to pay for other governmental operations needs to be deposited back into the fund.

Nebraska’s Primary Election takes place next Tuesday, May 15th.