Two UNMC programs get top-ten national rankings

Mar 14, 2014

UNMC has received two top ten rankings in a new U.S. News and World Report ranking of graduate schools.

The rankings are based on expert opinions and statistics about the schools. 153 institutions were surveyed for the latest report. UNMC’s primary care medical program is ranked sixth, while its rural medicine program is ranked ninth.

Dr. Mike Sitorius, chairman of the Department of Family Medicine, says the rural medicine program is critical to the health of all Nebraskans.

"Programs designed specifically to identify and train young people to pursue careers in rural practice are critical, and we’ve had a number of programs in place for almost the past 30 years that are specifically designed to help identify and train people for rural America, and Nebraska specifically."

UNMC is also ranked 16th in physician assistant programs and 32nd in pharmacy programs. More information is available at