'Uncharacteristic and unacceptable'

Click on the link to hear the city's news conference about the recent gun violence.

Omaha, NE – Omaha city officials say a recent string of gun violence is unprecedented and unacceptable.

Six people have been murdered in Omaha in the past eight days. There were three murders in the city during July and August. Mayor Mike Fahey says he's very concerned about the violence, and knows it negatively impacts the city. The Mayor says public safety is a priority, and the Omaha Police Department is stepping up patrols.

Police Chief Eric Buske says those increased patrols are happening in hot spots, and are both by vehicle and by foot. He says some of the shootings may be related, while others appear to be an anomaly. Some Police detectives have also been moved to the city's Homicide Unit to help with investigations in to the recent murders.

City Councilman Frank Brown says the public must cooperate with law enforcement if violence is going to end. He also urges Omahans not to develop a false sense of security because violence can happen in any part of the city.

If you have any information on the recent murders, you can call Omaha Crime Stoppers at 444-STOP.
Click on the link above to hear the city's news conference.