Unity Rally set for tomorrow in Lincoln at the State Capitol Building

Omaha, NE – The Unity Rally for Nebraska Civil and Human Rights takes place on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol at Noon on Thursday.

Kelly Orbik is the Assistant Director of the Creighton Center for Service and Justice. She says the students, in conjunction with Nebraska Appleseed, were concerned when LB48 was introduced a few weeks ago. LB48 is the Illegal Immigration Enforcement Act. Orbik says among the students' concerns is that the bill would allow for racial profiling as well as make it tougher for illegal immigrants to gain legal status. She says it includes values that aren't Nebraska values and that, "the law would create really expensive legal costs that would come at a really bad time here in the state with our current budget deficit." Orbik says the bill would create an unfunded mandate on cities and police, taking resources away from areas like community policing. She says ultimately, the group hopes for reform at the federal level. They want workable, national solutions that uphold the values of all and help the nation move forward as a country.

The event is sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Creighton Center for Service and Justice in conjunction with several community organizations. The group leaves from the Harper Center on the Creighton Campus at 10:00 a.m.