University of Nebraska Joins Big 10 Cancer Consortium

Jul 12, 2013

All of the cancer centers in the Big 10 are joining forces to create the Big 10 Cancer Research Consortium.

Dr. Julie Vose is the Chief of Hematology/Oncology at UNMC. 

She says until now, each center conducted its own, individual research and clinical trials.  Each center also maintained its own paperwork. 

Dr. Vose says going forward all of the Big 10 Cancer Centers will be able to participate in the same research protocols at the same time, which means they will be able to share in the paperwork.

"And then being able to increase the number of patients across the Big 10 Cancer Centers that would be eligible for this trial.  So this is a way to get clinical cancer research and cancer treatments done much quicker and to be able to get the information in a more timely manner so we can make more improvements in cancer research for patients going forward in the future.”

Dr. Vose says the consortium will allow smaller cancer centers, such as the one at UNMC, to significantly increase their pool of patients.  

Dr. Vose says she expects within the next six months that several different clinical trials focusing on various types of cancers will open up.