UNMC Collaborates Internationally

Apr 18, 2013


UNMC has had a long standing international collaboration with researchers, pathologists and oncologists around the world regarding different types of lymphoma.

Dr. Julie Vose, Chief of the Division of Hematology/Oncology at UNMC, says the most recent study they’ve collaborated on looks at T-cell lymphoma. 

She says in the United States, there are about 85,000 new cases of lymphoma annually, but only about 10% of those are T-cell. 

Dr. Vose says in order to get enough specimens and information to study T-cell lymphoma, 22 centers around the world are collaborating together, with specimens and clinical information being collected at each site.

"And we’ve had a variety of different papers that have been published in the past five years on this project.  And it’s been very fruitful as far as evaluating new types of T-cell lymphoma, looking at the different treatments patients received and then with the new information on the material that’s leftover from the patients, we’ve been able to do some additional genetic studies which have really identified some new types of T-cell lymphoma, even more than we knew before.”

Dr. Vose says UNMC is now doing this same type of collaboration with another rare type of lymphoma. 

6:She says collaborating is a great way to gather people and information together to make new discoveries.