UNMC expert shares tips to deal with allergy season

Mar 12, 2014

A UNMC allergist says now is the time to start preparing for allergy season.

Dr. Jill Poole expects tree pollen levels will start to rise over the next two weeks, with grass pollen levels rising in May and June. Poole says allergy sufferers who don’t get relief from medication should be tested.

"If you’re having the classic symptoms of the itchy nose, the sneezing, the itchy watery eyes, that start in March and get real bad in April, that’s really indicative of allergies and you can start taking over the counter medications and if those don’t hold you or work well for you, that’s the time to get allergy tested."

Dr. Poole says keeping your windows closed will help keep pollen out of your home. She recommends that after you’ve been outside, you change your clothes and wash your hands and face to remove pollen.