UNMC opens new $20 million Truhlsen Eye Institute

May 28, 2013

UNMC’s new state-of-the-art eye institute is open in midtown Omaha.

Credit UNMC

The Truhlsen Eye Institute opened last week. The $20 million Institute at 40th and Leavenworth Streets will serve as both a research facility and an eye care center. It’s named for Dr. Stanley Truhlsen, an Omaha ophthalmologist for more than 40 years.

Dr. Truhlsen says the research that’ll be done at the Institute is important to advancing eye care.

"With the new research building we’ll be able to increase clinical research. We’ll have an adjacent surgical pavilion which we’ll be able to do our surgery right there. It will be very rewarding for our teaching staff, as well as our resident staff to go into the shiny new building and carry on their mission."

The Institute houses a center for clinical trials as well as an eye care center for children. Future plans include an eye surgery center.

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