UNMC releases new research on the effects of caffeine on kids

Omaha, NE – According to a study conducted by UNMC researcher and Dr. William Warzak, caffeine has a definite effect on the quality of children's sleep.

Dr. Warzak says his study found that 75% of children consume caffeine on a daily basis. How much children consume is still unclear but there are ways parents can check. He says, "pediatricians and primary care providers can easily screen for caffeine intake in young children just by asking a question or two and then they would know whether or not this was a concern or not a concern. And it just seems to make good common sense to do so." Because children do not need to consume caffeine for better health, Dr. Warzak advocates not serving kids caffeinated drinks.

He says future research may include observing kids' caffeine consumption in their natural environments as well as studies focusing on teenagers and their accessibility to caffeine.