UNMC Saw Modest Increase in Enrollment

Oct 2, 2013

UNMC’s enrollment enjoyed a modest growth this year at 0.7 percent. 

Dr. Dele Davies, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies at UNMC, says enrollment has been increasing for several years now. 

Dr. Davies says UNMC’s focus though is on meeting the needs of the state versus trying to grow enrollment to a particular size. 

He says the College of Public Health continues to add students and there have been moderate increases in the nursing programs.

"We have several programs that are nationally ranked, including the College of Medicine, which is ranked 6th in the nation for training of primary care physicians.  I think that reputation plays a major role.  But in addition to that, we do go out throughout the state of Nebraska every year to different communities and ask what people’s needs are.”

Dr. Davies says UNMC tries to meet those needs.  After these meetings, UNMC works on developing programs that enable them to add new students. 

He said UNMC is currently creating programs in Kearney in nursing and allied health.