UNMC SHARING clinic expands its services

Omaha, NE – The UNMC student-run SHARING clinic is now providing ophthalmology services to its patients.

Tommy Muelleman is a SHARING clinic student board representative. He says the student-run SHARING clinic was started by UNMC students in 1997. The clinic provides health care services to underserved populations in Omaha. Muelleman says the clinic is now able to offer full eye exams at a true ophthalmology clinic. He says in the past, "we had ophthalmologists visit the SHARING clinic site every other month. On those visits, the ophthalmologists were able to do a rudimentary eye exam with indirect ophthalmoscope, some dilating drops as well as a brief retinal exam. At the new location, starting in June, the exams will be monthly and they will be able to do a full eye exam."

The students started the clinic class week with seven patients. The clinic will accept referral patients from the UNMC SHARING clinics and the Hope Medical Outreach Coalition Clinics.