UNMC's CityMatCH program receives national consumer health award

Omaha, NE – City Match's mission is to improve the health of women and children in urban communities across the country.

Katie Brandert, Acting Associate Director of Programs for City Match, says the group won a National Health Information Award for its Life Course game. The game was developed in 2008 to create an interactive experience that looks at the biological, behavioral and environmental factors that contribute to a person's health. Brandert says the game helps individuals on two levels.

"Some individual awareness. Being able to ask themselves, "What is it that makes me healthy? Are there opportunities in my environment that allow me to make healthy choices?" And then, if folks are really interested in creating healthier neighborhoods and communities, I think the game can give you a lot of different ideas for avenues for which you might become a partner or an advocate for some other organization."

Details on the Life Course game are available online at