UNO Celebrates Black History Month with Educational and Entertaining Events

Feb 6, 2012

UNO is celebrating Black History Month with three public events.

Helen Kang is the Assistant Director for Cultural Programming at UNO.  She says the process of choosing events begins with reaching out to student and community groups.  After the Black History Month committee is formed, the brainstorming session begins. 

This year, Kang says the group came up with 14 different event options.  Kang says once all ideas have been offered, members vote for the top three programs they want to see.  The first event takes place on February 14th and is a public forum discussion called “The Beauty of Blackness.”

"We’re going to have three panelists, one representing a person from the 50’s, one person representing the 60’s and one representing the 70’s.  And they are going to have a discussion about what is considered beauty in the context of blackness.  And how does beauty, in terms of our societal standards, affect black women in their day to day lives?”

The second event takes place on Friday, February 17th at 7:30 p.m. and is called “Gospel Explosion: The Concert Showcase.”  The final event for Black History Month at UNO is titled “The Power of Storytelling: Hidden Truths of Changing Omaha.”  The event will be held at Noon on Wednesday, February 22nd.  

All events are complimentary and open to the public.  Details are available by calling 402-554-2711.